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Do you feel insecure in your current job or are you looking for a new recession proof career? If so, you might consider becoming a Pharmacy Technician. This field is in high demand in the Chicago area and there are a variety of schools in and around the city that offer training courses.

As the population continues to explode, medical related employment opportunities are growing day by day. Most medical professions require years of training and internships, but in the state of Illinois you can become a licensed pharmacy tech in a matter of months. All you need to do is apply to a school and complete a few hours of supervised internship and you’ll be on your way to a stable new career.

The expense involved in obtaining training in the Chicago area is minimal. You can enroll in a pharmacy tech program for as little as $1300.

Job Expectations for Pharmacy Technicians in Chicago

Working in a pharmacy environment requires good communication skills since you will be dealing with a variety of different patients every day. Sick people can be irritable and you should expect to encounter angry and demanding people at times. However, if you approach each person with a compassionate and calm demeanor you can have a positive impact on their life.

You may be surprised by the fact that there’s a fair amount of office work to be done within a pharmacy. There are the patient records to be kept up to date, insurance details to take care of, stock levels to be checked, and items to be reordered. A solid attention to detail will help you get the job done.

So, what skills do you need to become a pharmacy tech?

Skills You Need for Success

The first thing, as you’ll have gathered from the job expectation, is the ability to communicate with people, without getting frustrated, and having the patience to explain things several times, if need be.

Considering the fact that there’s a fair amount of office work involved, you’re reading ability is important, too. Keeping accurate patient records is vitally important; you need to be aware of allergic reactions they may have to medications as well as new meds that may conflict with medications they are already taking.

Again, a good eye for detail is critical to succeed as a pharmacy tech.

Pharmacy Technician Training Requirements

To become a qualified Pharmacy Technician in the state of Illinois you will need education beyond a high school diploma. In addition to becoming a certified pharmacy tech by passing the national exam, you MUST be licensed by the state of Illinois to work in a Chicago pharmacy. Thankfully, licensure does not require passing an exam. You’ll just need to complete the required schooling and pay a nominal fee of $41.50 (as of April 2011). Whether or not you want to take it to the next level and get your official certification as a CPhT is up to you. It’s not required by the state of Illinois, but any professional will recommend that you obtain a certification; it will improve your chances of getting hired and will ensure that you receive a higher salary.

Schools That Offer Pharmacy Technician Training in Chicago

Everest College

247 S State St # 400
Chicago, IL 60604-2052

Situated nearby to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Art Institute of Chicago, this is a college for people who have an artistic leaning.

As part of the course you’re going to learn about: pharmacy administration; pharmaceutical calculations; anatomy and physiology; digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems; nutrition; medical terminology; pharmacology; and health care systems.

This campus location offers night classes for those who work full-time or have other responsibilities that limit their time.

South Suburban College

15800 State Street
South Holland, IL 60473-1270

This college is situated further south than Everest College, and is in the East Holland area.

The program they run includes: medication order processing, aseptic IV preparation, use of a prescription balance, compounding, computers, inventories, and packaging. The college is fully accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). You will need to pass a criminal background check and drug screening in order to qualify for the program. You will also need to be eligible to receive a Pharmacy Technician license in order to complete the program of study and be eligible to participate in the internship program. You will be required to complete at least 300 hours of internship in an approved setting.

Those with a current full-time job will be glad to know that this course is run in the evening. You also have the option of doing this as a part-time or full-time course.

Truman College

1145 West Wilson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640-5691

This college is further north than the last two, and is situated between both the St. Boniface and the Graceland Cemeteries.

In the course run by Truman College you’re going to learn how to read and interpret prescriptions; you’ll get an understanding of medical terminology specific to the pharmacy field; you’re going to learn about calculating pharmaceutical conversions; and you’ll find out about defining drugs by generic and brand names. The program also includes a 60-hour internship where you will work in a pharmacy under a licensed pharmacist. The State of Illinois and Indiana require a pharmacy technician license prior to the beginning of the internships.

The Pharmacy Technician program costs $1350 (as of April 2011) not including books and study materials.

To get into the course you’re going to have to pass the Compass ATB test. This test is required regardless of your educational background and consists of mathematics, reading and writing. At the end of your training at Truman College you will receive a certificate of completion.

A Career with a Secure Future

If you want something more than a job, if you want a career that will stick with you through good times and bad times, then becoming a pharmacy technician is the best course to take. Don’t wait for the industry to become saturated, get in now while the demand is high and you will be on your way to a lifelong fulfilling career.

You can sign up for pharmacy technician training in Chicago by contacting one of the schools mentioned in this article.

You will also find pharmacy technician employment opportunities in these nearby areas: Skokie, Evanston, Elmhurst, Lombard, and Oak Lawn, just to name a few.

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