Pharmacy Tech Training: Important Things to Know

There are no standard federal guidelines for pharmacy technician training. Still, undergoing formal training is an integral part of preparing for the job. Most of the workplaces offering pharmacy tech jobs prefer to hire trained and certified technicians. This means that a trained pharmacy tech has the advantage both in getting a job and obtaining a higher salary.

Discussed here are few important things related to pharmacy technician training that should help you get started:

Importance of Pharmacy Technician Training

Pharmacy technician training is important for the following reasons:

•    Pharmacy tech training helps the trainee obtain basic and practical information related to subjects like chemistry, mathematics, anatomy, physiology, and pharmacy law.
•    Training gives you the necessary skills required to work in a pharmacy.
•    It prepares the trainee to learn how to perform well during busy hours and stressful situations.
•    Training also builds one’s confidence to work effectively and autonomously without seeking much guidance from the pharmacist.

What Does Training Involve?

Training involves three important learning phases:

•    Classroom learning
•    Laboratory learning
•    Externship

Some of the important subjects covered under pharmacy tech training courses are:

•    Pharmacology: Study of nature, properties, and interaction of drugs and chemicals with an organism
•    Chemistry: Study of structures and properties of matter, along with reactions involving different substances
•    Anatomy: Study of macroscopic and microscopic structures of the human body
•    Pharmaceutical Calculations: Study of calculations of dosages and concentrations of different medications
•    Pharmacy law: Study of federal laws implemented for the field of pharmacy

Administrative procedures like record keeping and medical billing are also included as parts of the training. Externship involves a minimum of three months unpaid exposure in the exact working environments and conditions involved in the job profile. Specialization training can also be chosen by an individual to gain a better edge over other candidates.

Training Time And Costs

The duration of pharmacy tech training may vary between 6 months and two years. However, one may opt for 2 to 4 year training programs that can help in attaining an associate or bachelor degree in the field. As far as the cost of training is concerned, it may vary between $460 -$4,260 depending on the duration and fee structures of different colleges. Make sure you learn about the cost involved in training before choosing a college.

Choosing a Training School

Traditionally, many pharmacists offered on-the-job training, but the trend is now changing. There are many colleges in different states that offer pharmacy tech training courses of different durations. In order to choose one, you must consider the following points:

•    You can choose from military colleges, community colleges, vocational colleges, and technical colleges to receive training.
•    You can enroll with an offline college or choose a college with online training courses if you don’t find it convenient to attend the campus every day.
•    Learn about the reputation of the college and the organizations it is affiliated with.
•    Find reviews about colleges and choose one with a satisfactory success rate in job-oriented training.

Pharmacy tech training may be demanding, but it adds to the chances of a career full of good prospects. Because the job profile demands duties related to medications and drugs, it is important to be trained on these subjects.

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